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How Can  USB is Not Format By Saftain Azmat


I Kingston 8 GB USB flash drive company. It was a virus and when I connect it to the computer when asked to Windows format. But when I saw the message format to '' Unable to format ''. It does not copy data to the drive and see if the drive's Properties, is also written 0KB. In addition to the command line format to format on both windows and 8've tried but to no avail.


USB flash drives are quite durable. But to be able to use it, depending on how many times data is written and read many times. Flash drives are usually the best that a million times, data can be written and deleted.
However, sometimes due to a technical malfunction flash drives are not usable. The symptoms you mentioned, it is apparent that the flash drive with the same technical error has occurred. We should mention here that so far have not found any viruses that may corrupt flash drive. Therefore it is possible that your flash drive may have been damaged due to a virus. However, it is certainly possible that the virus flash drive into the computer repeatedly write and erase data because they may have been damaged.
Flash drive format is not the most common cause of this error is generated in hardware may not be possible to remove. If you have a problem with the file system of Windows it fixed itself. But the nature of the error is software, not hardware, Windows to solve it and is unable to format the drive.
So, with regret, that I can say that your flash drive is no longer usable. If the warranty is still valid then you change it by contacting manner. Most USB flash drives are available in three to five years warranty.