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Download AIM For Latest Version  Free By Saftain Azmat

AIM is a communication tool. State of being. The road to greatness. This allows you to keep in touch with many people through text, video, and multimedia chat. In a sense, which makes it: how to stay in touch with loved ones far away, or the channel back to this boring meeting.AIM Features:Video chatWhen talking with a friend, click the video camera icon (or click the menu icon and select "Start video chat") to start a video chat. If a person has not been updated for a new AIM, we will send the call to the new AIM.
Group discussionOnly it seems. Start a discussion with a group of two or more people by entering the contacts in "start a conversation with the names of ..." window to the right of the list of contacts (close the current cat if you do not see this window).
The timing of the messageNew record for AIM and stores the date of the conversation (the value of one month) every time you chat with other people also using the new AIM. This allows us to synchronize messages through devices.
Share photos and videosEasily. When the chat, click on the clip icon (or goal for Mac or Windows, click the menu icon and select the "File Sharing" select the file you want to send. Bam. You can even take a camera pictures and send them immediately. Click the icon menu and select "Take a picture Camera "