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How To Log In To See Them By Saftain Azmat

Computer or a Web site, logging you have to type the password. Some computers have this facility you can login with your finger. While some computers log in to the USB can be. Login signals from the eye to the computer or laptop not currently available. The password for access to certain buildings, as well as fingerprints, iris scan is even.
Soon the computer or log on to a website you will not need to touch the keyboard and Wink will be enough. It will be possible EyeLock a company with a unique device, which Myers (Myris) is named. Myers to fit into the palm of a round is a device or laptop computer via the USB cable is connected. It is a mirror in the middle and it is also very easy to use with a kymra.mayrs. If the computer is connected to the first time he made for the installation of the software begins. This software Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari browser plug-in installed for that. In the eyes of the user's "registration" is also. During registration the user wear glasses, it will download it. However, the identification process can even wear glasses.
After registration the next time the user logged on to a Web site if the software itself does Myers asks whether a given username and password are not safe to Myers. This information is saved when Myers to log back on to the Web site just enough to be brought close to the face to Myers. Myers five different people identify a device description of the pupils of the eyes and the lock can store the details of the source code is encrypted.
Myers said that the details of the lock, the LED installed in the device through the infrared (infrared) radiation will be thrown on the user's face. These rays, which are emitted from the TV remote control etc.. Since the human eye can not see infrared radiation emanating from the Myers-rays will not have an effect on the eyes. Myers installed in the camera sensitive to infrared rays reflected from the user's face, the infrared rays detected by the eye structure is thin. Interestingly, the Myers-living human eye and the eye can see in the picture is very different.
Initially, the device will cost US $ 280 and can be released in the next few months. However, experts believe that the popularity of the device to the right. It would be quite a hassle for customers every time they face up the device Take a few seconds and then continue to stare at it. This technology may be popular but the only time when it is already included in consumer devices will use. Ie a laptop, computer or smart phone to create the technology that is used and does not need any other device separately. Lock the bosses are well aware of this. So he is a leading Taiwan-based Wistron NeWeb Corporation Company under which the contract is to be released in the future, some laptops will be equipped with this technology. WNC HP, Acer computers and laptops for several leading companies have developed.