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Why Use Css in Website Design By Saftain Azmat


When a web page can be in HTML formatting, use CSS for this is why?


Indeed, the Web page formatting of HTML Tags are available, but many of them are quite capable of all Tags. Then you definitely need to use CSS. CSS on your web page and the different elements or to change the visual is used to make beautiful.
Basically CSS Web page content and web page is built for themselves textured appearance. This way you can create a style sheet can be used in Web pages as you like it. You just need a change of style sheets (CSS) must change and will change the layout of web pages.
Web pages without HTML tables that are considered important for search engine optimization, make CSS is the only solution. Because every part of this web page, is to provide complete control over every aspect. For example, paragraph tags (<p>) There's no beauty heel through which you can set the maximum height. You can do this with CSS. HTML Tags that through this you can apply styling to the heel end byuts are not any.
CSS makes your work easy and simple so you can focus more on the content of the web page, not its styling. Nowadays web pages are incomplete without CSS.