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In Short Hacks: I am a PayPal user since last year and I just love it. However, In some countries, there might be some issues related to sending and receiving payment online worldwide. Indeed, This list is especially for business persons those who are used to send online payment throughout worldwide. So in this article, we have made a list of “Top 6 best PayPal Alternatives to Make Online Payments in 2017”
Top 6 Best PayPal Alternatives to Make Online PaymentsPayPal is most Widely used on the Internet to make online Payments Securely for Personal and Business Transactions. As we know Paypal is most Popular service to Send and Receive money Online But, still There are so many disadvantages to use Paypal due to its High fees on Transactions, Country based Restrictions, Holding Payments and Much more. There are so many Services that gives you Services like as Paypal to make secure online payments or Transactions with minimum fees. So, If you are looking for best Online payment Services as like PayPal then You have visited in our right place. Because, In this article, We have given about Top 6 Best Paypal Alternatives To Make Online Payments that you must have to use.

Best PayPal Alternatives (Free and Easy to Use)

#1. Google Wallet   

Google Wallet is new online payment system developed by Google which allows you to Send and Receiving money on online. Now at the time, Google Wallet is only available for U.S residents. For doing Active payments your Google Active account must be linked to the Debit Card or Bank Account. The Google wallet also offers its Card that let you to Withdraw cash from ATM without any Fees. And as we know there is no doubt related to Security of Google wallet account because It is strongly integrated with Google’s Account. Google wallet also offers 24×7 Fraud and Purchase protection.

#2. Payoneer 

Payoneer is the best choice for Online payments and Transactions with minimum fees. Payoneer is alternative to PayPal because of best Features and Affordable transaction fees. The Payoneer is available across 200+ countries. Service also offers to make transactions in more than 100 currencies. Payoneer allows you to send and receive money or payments from Bank accounts, Credit/Debit cards, and Payoneer users. Payoneer gives you all features as like as PayPal without any high fees.

#3. Skrill

Skrill is also another best Service that allows you to make Payments and Money transfer to be made on the Internet. Skrill was formerly known as Moneybookers. Skrill lets you send money to E-Mail ID which is associated with Skrill account. Skrill supports to make payments over 200 Countries with 40 Currencies. Skrill allows you to quickly withdraw money from Debit card, Credit card, and Bank Account. The Biggest advantage of using Skrill is that It makes quick and Easy International Payments. The Service also allows you to use SWIFT Transfer with the totally free transfer of money from your Bank Account to the Skrill.

#4. Payza

Payza is a best affordable alternative to PayPal. Payza is also letting you make online Payments and Transactions. Payza allows you to use your Master cards, Debit cards and Credit cards to make Payments. Also with a use of Payza, you can easily transfer your Funds from Bank Account to Payza Account.  Payza is mostly useful for Merchants that are looking for Paypal Alternative. The Payza also provides you High Security to protect your Online Transactions. The best part of using Payza is that It is Integrated with Bitcoin service means You can easily exchange your money to get Bitcoins. Payza also provides you Payza master cards to Withdraw your Funds from Any ATMs in Worldwide.

#5. Stripe

Stripe also another International online Payment and Transaction service over the Internet. Stripe provides you similar features as like Paypal in minimum Fees. Using this Service user can Easily send payments to any Country. Stripe also Integrated with Mobile Payments. Now At this stage Stripe is only available in 19 Countries. Stripe provides you Tight security for every Online Transaction and Online Payments.

#6. Dwolla

Dwolla is another payment service which allows you to send and Receive payments over ACH (Automated Clearing House) Network. Dwolla allows you to send and Receive Money to E-Mail addresses, Twitter followers, Linked-In connections, Phone Numbers and Dwolla. Dwolla provides you best Efficient Features as like others. If you don’t like anymore Paypal then Dwolla is the best Alternative option of Paypal. Dwolla provides you Free service with Low Transaction Fees. The user will get Simple User Interference and for Android and iOS on Dwolla.