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Excel tutorials review pivot tables and charts with experts from Learn microsoft excel training for versions 2007.
The Microsoft Office suite is an essential collection of desktop applications that includes Excel for spreadsheets.....
High quality, totally free Microsoft Office Excel 2007 tutorial videos. You will find here easy help and lessons suitable for beginners (dummies level) as well as for ...
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Microsoft Excel 2007 Complete Training in Urdu and Hindi Language Videos with High Defination Quality Tutorials.
Free learning complete video training of Ms Excel 2007 in Urdu & Hindi languages with practical projects & example tutorials.In this course you ...In this Tutorial you learn the basic tools of Excel in Urdu and Hindi. The most used options of all menus in Excel 2007/2010 in Urdu and Hindi. and after having ...Excel 2010 in Urdu Free Learn Microsoft Excel 2007 in Urdu Free Learn Microsoft Excel 2003 in Urdu. ... Free Learn Complete Microsoft Excel in Urdu and Hindi ... Topic List (Click on any lesson and Watch Tutorial)
Free learning complete video training of Ms Excel 2007 in Urdu & Hindi languages with practical projects & example videos.
MIcrosoft Excel 2007 Full Video Course (Urdu & Hindi)

Microsoft Excel;

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft For Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and iOS. Her account,Graphs and tables pivotal tools, macro programming language Called Visual Basic for Applications. It was widely Table applied for these platforms, especially since version 5 In 1993, and was replaced by Lotus 1-2-3 as a standard industry For spreadsheets. Excel is part of Microsoft Office.


"Basic operation"

Microsoft Excel includes the basic features of all spreadsheets, using a set of cells arranged in rows and columns named letters of organizing manipulate data such as account numbered. It contains a set of functions provided statistical, engineering and financial requirements to meet. In addition, you can view data and line charts, graphs and bar charts, and graphical display in three dimensions is very limited. Data distribution allows to see its dependencies on several different points of view factors (using PivotTables and director). And watching programming, Visual Basic applications, which allows the user to use a variety of numerical methods, for example, to solve the differential equations of mathematical physics and then report the results of the worksheet. It also includes a variety of interactive features that allow the user interfaces that can hide completely to the table the user, so you view the worksheet as the application call, or Decision Support System (DSS), by designing customized user interface, for example, values ??Analyst , or in general as a design tool that makes the questions the user and provide answers and reports.In put another embodiment application of Excel can query data and tools Foreign measurement which are used to upgrade software to analyze the results, to report on any word or PowerPoint, and e-mail automatically This offers base The list of participants regularly.
Microsoft allows for a number of optional command-line switches to control the manner in which Excel starts.

"Macro programming"

VBA programming

The Windows version of Excel supports programming for Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications by (VBA), which is a dialect of Visual Basic. VBA programming allows manipulation of data tables that awkward or impossible with standard technical agenda. Developers can write code directly using the Visual Basic Editor (VBE), which includes a window to write the code, debugging code, and the symbol of the unity of the Organization of the environment. The user can apply numerical methods, as well as automate tasks such as formatting or organize data in a VBA and direct account with the desired intermediate result must be reported to the spreadsheet.
VBA has been removed from Mac Excel 2008, the developers did not believe that early release would bring national VBA engine has been restored to the operating system Mac OS X. VBA in the next version, Mac Excel 2011.
A common and easy way to create VBA macros using the code Recorder.The user records a macro recorder procedures and generates VBA code as a macro. And it can then be repeated this action automatically by running the macro. It also can macros be related to different types of fire as keyboard shortcuts, command or graph button. Can run the macro, the shares of these types of so-called public or options toolbar. It also can modify the code to VBA macro in VBE. Some features, such as loop functions and messages of their own property and some elements of the screen graphic display, can be recorded, but should be taken into unit VBA directly by the programmer. Advanced users can use the user calls to create an interactive program, or in response to events such as the papers are uploaded or modified.
Users should be aware that the use of the code for the recorded macro can not be compatible with the version of Excel to another. Some symbols used in Excel 2010 can not be used in Excel 2003. How to make a macro that changes the cells and changes colors in other aspects of the cells may not be compatible with earlier versions.
Interacts with Excel VBA code through the object model, and determine the budget vocabulary items, it presented a set of functions or methods of reading and writing data tables and interact with users (for example, through custom commands and toolbars message boxes) Toolbars. VBA that have been created by the user to perform this function procedures as macros created using the macro recorder procedures, but it is more flexible and efficient.


Since the first version of Excel macros and supports end-user programming (automate repetitive tasks) knowledge and functions by the user (Excel built-in library extension) definition. In previous versions of Excel, these programs were written in the syntax of the macro language, which provides the formula and put in a private papers macro cells (with .xlm extension stored in the Windows file). The default macros XLM Excel language through Excel 4.0. Since version 5.0 of the units Excel VBA macro saved by default, but with version 5.0 of recording XLM was still allowed as an option. After version 5.0, this option was suspended. All versions of Excel, including Excel 2010 is capable of running XLM macro, but Microsoft discourage use.


It supports Excel tables and charts or graphs generated from a specific group of cells. It can be either insert the graphic element generated in the current sheet or added as a separate object.
This is updated dynamically screens if the content is changing cells. For example, suppose that are presented visually important design requirements; and then, in response to a change in user test values for the parameters, and curves that describe the shape of a design change, and change their views intersection, attending choose the best design.

Data storage and communication;

"Number of rows and columns"

Versions of Excel up to 7.0 had a limitation in the size of their data sets of 16K (214 = 16384) rows. Versions 8.0 through 11.0 could handle 64K (216 = 65536) rows and 256 columns (28 as label 'IV'). Version 12.0 can handle 1M (220 = 1048576) rows, and 16384 (214 as label 'XFD') columns.

"File formats"

Microsoft Excel version 2007 uses a proprietary binary file format called binary Excel file format (. XLS) as format.Excel Home 2007 uses Office Open XML as the format primary file, a version of XML that followed form on the basis of the former so-called XML "XML table" ("XMLSS"), for the first time in Excel 2002.
At the same time supporting and encouraging the use of the new XML formats as an alternative basis, Excel 2007 and remained in line with the bilateral traditional forms the background. In addition, most versions of Microsoft Excel read CSV, DBF, SYLK, DIF, and other forms list. Support for some file formats that the old retirement programs Excel 2007 file formats mainly based on DOS.

"Binary" has created documentation of the Excel format.Since then Microsoft made the Excel binary format specification available to freely download.

"XML Spreadsheet"




Excel 2007;

Included in Office 2007. This version was a major upgrade from the previous version. Office products such as other yet, Excel 2007 uses the new system for the sector list. It is different from what people were used to, and met with mixed reactions. One study good acceptance, according to some extent by users, with the exception of users and users of word processing with traditional applications and interface Ahn experience, but less convinced in terms of efficiency and organisation.However, a survey said the Internet was a majority of the participants for a negative opinion of the change, with advanced users that be "more negative" than reported and medium users and users self-esteem low productivity.
Additional functionality including charts SmartArt graphic group of businessmen adjustable. He also added in order to improve the management variables he calls the official name and the form of improved graphics allow many of the (x, y) coordinate weight arbitrary lines marking and flexibility. The many improvements PivotTables feet.
And introduced Office and Open Office file formats and other XML, including .xlsm book with macros and. XLSX to book without macros.
In particular, many of the shortcomings of previous versions increase the large size. To illustrate this, the number of lines now 1048576 (220) and the column was 16 384 (214, right column is XFD). This changes what A1 is a valid reference against a named range. This version allows to increase the use of multi-core processing spreadsheets. However, it is not processed and VBA macros in parallel and only additions XLL executed at the same time if they are colors that are referred to in the record.