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Add or Change Favicon in Blogger

Favicon is a very small tiny picture that you have might seen in many sites name in your browser Tab.That small picture that is showing with the blog name is called Favicon. Favicon usually (16px x 16px in size) that is much adjustable size for showing image in the Browser Address bar.When we have created a Blog on Blogger a orange colored Blogger is automatically shown as Favicon for our new Blog.

You can also customize your Blogger Favicon by adding a new image that you want to show as Favicon in  your blog, whenever someone will visits your blog , He will take a look at your Blogger favicon and a Good Favicon image also a good way to get attention of the visitors.

Adding a new Favicon image on the Blogger is not difficult , but mostly blogger are not aware of this feature to customize and designing their Blog for giving them a new look which is more suitable for their Blog nature and also a Good practice for Getting Visitors positive impressions.

How To Add a Favicon to Your Blogger Blog 

Step 1: Log in to your Blogger and then open your Blog . From the Dashboard ,Click on "Layout".

Step 2: There you will see option of "Favicon" on right above at your Layout settings.Click on "Edit" to add a new favicon for your Blogspot blog.
 Add or Change new Favicon on Blogger

Step 3:Once you click on "Edit" option of Favicon , a new window will appear on your computer Screen.There you can see option of "Browse" which means that upload your image that you want to use as your Blogger favicon.For Adding your new Favicon Click on Browse option and Select that image that you want to upload for using it as your Blog Favicon.
Add or Change Favicon on Blogger

Step 4:Now you have DONE!! , open your Blog there you will see your new Favicon instead of Blogger default Favicon.

In the above Steps you have learnt how to add or change favicon on your Blogger . That was simple Favicon with Image that you will use.
But if you want to Add animated Favion into your Blogger then follow up this Guide.

How to Add an Animated Favicon in Blogger

Step 1:First Log in to your Blogger account then go to "Template" > "Edit HTML".

Step 2:Now in the blogger template , Search for this HTML TAG.

 Step 3:Once you find this TAG inside your blogger template , paste this Code just above it.
<link href="Paste-favicon-links-here" rel="icon" type="image/gif"/>

 Step 4:Replace the Paste-favicon-links-here with your Animated favicon Link that you want to use in your Blogspot blog.

After Doing all the steps Now save your Template and You have Done !!