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How to Easily Install Google Analytics in Blogger?Google Analytics tool is one of the popular free tools from Google. This tool provides a comprehensive set of sub-tools which you can use to know about your site's daily statistics. The tool is free to use and easy to handle. You can create an account on Analytics tool and can add many sites as you want. Each site will have its own unique tracking code or tracking ID, and each site will have its own statistics.
When you add a site/blog in Google Analytics, you need to verify that by using a tracking code or a tracking ID generated by GA. So GA can track your site's record and traffic etc. As this tutorial will teach you installing Analytics on Blogger platform, so for Blogger you can just use the Tracking ID provided by GA. Adding Analytics in blogger is super easier and takes just few minutes. We'll do it in just four steps.

Why Analytic tool is important?

Before installing GA on Blogger, let me tell you some important points of it. Analytic tool is very important for every webmaster now a days, because by using this great tool you can keep following track records of your visitors.
  • How many people visit your sites Monthly/daily/weekly
  • The locations/countries/cities of your visitors
  • How much time they spend on your site
  • How many pages they view after entering to your site
  • How many new visitors are coming to your site
  • How many visitors return to your site
  • The bounce rate of your visitors
  • The top pages people mostly visit on your site
  • Which browser they use i.e Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc
  • Which device they use i.e Desktop, Mobile, Tablet etc
  • Which operating system they use i.e Windows, Mac, Linux etc
  • Which Language they speak i.e English, German, Italian etc
You can even integrate your social pages with Google Analytic tool such as Facebook fan page, YouTube channel, Google+ page and twitter account. Also you can link your Google webmaster tools account with GA to receive search queries from in Analytics tool.

How to create a Google Analytics account?

Now let's start the procedure and all this shouldn't take more than 20 minutes for you to complete all steps. First you'll need to enter to Google Analytics, use your GMail account to login to GA and then click the Admin on top of right side, if you haven't added any site before then you'll have to create an account there which is very easy. After creating account just click adding new property, a simple form will appear like below screen shoot:
How to Easily Install Google Analytics in Blogger?
Fill the form with details about your site like in website name simply enter your blog title, in website URL simply enter your blog's URL, in Industry category select the topic/category of your blog and in Reporting time zone you must select your country's time zone, this is important. After filling it all, just click the option "Get Tracking ID".
After clicking "Get Tracking ID" you'll be on the same page but on another section, where you'll have a tracking code which is a complex JavaScript code from GA, which you'll have to add to your site, but as we are installing GA on Blogger, so we don't need that tracking code, instead we'll use a simple tracking ID, see the screen shoot below:
How to Easily Install Google Analytics in Blogger?
The above tracking ID is the unique ID for your blog, copy that tracking ID.

How to install the Tracking ID on Blogger?

Now after copying above Tracking ID:
  • Go to the Setting page of that blog which you added in Google Analytic
  • In setting click "Other"
  • Now scroll down and you'll see an option "Analytics Web Property ID"
  • Just paste that Tracking ID in that text box as showing in below picture
How to Easily Install Google Analytics in Blogger?
Save the arrangements and you've successfully added the unique Tracking ID to your blog. Its mean you've verified the blog, but still you need to let Google Analytics know about your site's data and visitors. So the following final step is to be taken.
  • Go to Template >> HTML >> Proceed >> Tick the Expand Widget Templates Check Box
  • Now search for </body> tag in your Blog HTML by using CTRL+F
  • Paste below code just before/above </body> tag
<b:include name='google-analytics' data='blog'/>
Save your template and everything done.
Note: <b:include> tag is a default XML tag for adding anything to your blog, and this might be already exist in some default blogger templates, so if this tag is already there then leave the final step. However, in third party templates it doesn't include.
Having done all above steps correctly, Google Analytics will track your blog within next 24 hours, and you'll see all statistics of your blog's traffic on daily bases. Enjoy tracking your records and let me know if you faced any difficulty while installing GA on your blog.
I'll also make video tutorials on each part of Google Analytics tool. Be in touch!