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When the e-mail, and we want to receive e-mail as soon as possible to see if it has to wait for a response. I know the answer to that has seen this email. Urgent wait no matter when it causes regret.

Microsoft Outlook is the solution to this problem. Email from Outlook, the option can be added to the e-mail receipt from the get go. But it depends on the observer sends a read receipt or they ignore it.

Also other ways are available for Gmail but there is no complexity. The best solution to this problem, '' Wright inbox 'in the present. This extension is available for web browsers, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari is capable to work with. Once installed it is fully aware of that can be seen when the email is sent. Before such answer can be satisfied that your email has already been viewed. When you are composing an email to a button above the track '' Track '' will be coming from the bus to check it out. Moreover, the extension can also schedule e-mail. Follow-up emails can be sent. Reminders can be set. Many features are also available in the other.

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E-mail Sent From Gmail Track By Saftain Azmat