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How to Increase Alexa Ranking in Very Less Time?
The is a web information company that collects the traffic data of all websites existing on the internet. The main focus of Alexa on the sites is: content, traffic, links etc. Alexa determine usually a traffic rank for each and every website or blog. The alexa rank doesn't belong to Page rank or any other ranking algorithm  This just means, the traffic you receive  the links you have and the content you have on your website. But, webmasters always look forward to increase their alexa ranking as much as possible. Today we will discuss how can we increase our alexa ranking in very less. These tips and suggestions are tested by myself and I would really love you if you implement them. 

How to Improve Alexa Rank?

In order to improve alexa ranking you must follow some basic rules that Alexa algorithm is running on. The alexa ranking system works mostly on traffic statics of a website or blog. So this is the main element, but other elements are also now important. Alexa rank is now updated every day for each website. Following are some tips you can implement to improve your site's ranking:

# 1. Website Design

The design is the first thing which is liked by alexa. If you have a very user friendly and simple design for your blog then alexa will rank you better than complicated sites. Just make sure your blog's design loads faster.

# 2. Unique Content

Content is the king in all terms, Alexa also loves those websites which have unique and original content. Alexa rank will be so good if you have great content on your blog.

# 3. Updating Content

If you update your blog regularly with new content then your alexa rank will be boosted every day. Publishing new content means to insure the improvement in alexa ranking on daily bases.

# 4. Create Backlinks

Alexa also loves quality backlinks, especially if you have backlinks on sites which have good alexa ranking than you. your alexa rank will be increasing dramatically.

# 5. Install Alexa Tool Bar

This is another trick that can increase your alexa ranking. Alexa provides a tools bar to all, so if one having Alexa tool bar installed visits your site, will increase your ranking enough.

# 6. Alexa Widget

You can increase your alexa ranking dramatically, if you insert Alexa widget into your blog. This is very simple and you can get alexa widget for your blog by visiting your account in Alexa.

# 7. Time Frequency

This also helps you increasing Alexa rank if you post your content to your blog in frequency. Alexa updates its servers once a day, so make sure you update your blog on a fixed time, so alexa will also update your ranking. A recommended time is 12:05AM.
These were some basic tips for increasing Alexa Ranking, however, you can ask questions if you have confusions in comment section... Stay updated..