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How To Permanently Deleting Data By Saftain Azmat


I want to sell my computer. But my computer is the very private nature of the data that I do not want to take a hand. I read in your magazine that data can be deleted after you get back. Is there a way to delete the data in any way that I could not get back?


You read that right back after you've deleted data can be accessed. We assume here that you're using Microsoft Windows. Whenever you delete a file or folder if they are in the recycle bin is there again can be restored to its place. If you empty the recycle bin to delete the data on the disk is not full. Windows and other operating systems, the data deleted from the hard disk instead of deleting it would zd sign that this place is empty and can be written on it. The hard disk data recovery software to restore files that have read more zd place.

To delete the data such that it can not be restored or recover, not more difficult. For this you'll need a software to delete that data were written repeatedly and the absurd kind of data will be deleted. Such original data is lost or wasted space and it comes garbyj data. There are dozens of free software available for this purpose. Some of these software are the following links:


File Shredder:

Evidence Nuker: