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How To Keep Your Laptop in Tip-Top Condition By Saftain Azmat

Today is the age of the laptop. Nearly 90 percent of college students have a laptop. The use of laptops in the home and offices is perfectly normal. Laptop, PC uses less power when compared to twenty percent do not take any laptop. PC several times when we buy an expensive laptop, we should take care of it. Let us give you a few useful tips, which you can keep your laptop in excellent condition.

Always keep smooth and hard surface

Laptop error and the leading cause of severe or do not have a smooth surface. We laptop mostly on the legs, put on bed or use pillows. The laptop always smooth and hard surface so that the air flow is not affected. Put the laptop on the legs to use is harmful to human health. It is better to keep the laptop be used standalone.

Keep the bag full of

Log shutdown as soon as the laptop bag, do not take off. Full of hard disk requires only a few seconds after being completely off the laptop back in the pack insert.

Did not always keep charging

Every time you use a laptop computer to charge its battery at the upsets. Fully charge the battery even if it completely. Laptop battery to keep in excellent condition after every fifteen to twenty days to fully use it. Even the laptop's battery and will be eliminated. The laptops do not use four to five hours. After the break, a full charge laptop. During charging and charge termination can use your laptop. Continuing the process of laptop battery is live in better condition. Also you should know that laptops or other devices to always stay on the charge of power loss is enormous. After being fully charged the device requires no more energy, more than being plugged while the charging is just getting lost.

Do laptops

After some laptops is also important. When using it if we are going to have dust and dirt. This dust can collect underneath the keyboard and laptop performance keyboard is kumtasr. Therefore it is wind or cotton to keep clean as possible.

You must shutdown

Most laptop users often do not shutdown but it would always remain online. If you want to improve the performance of your laptop when not in use, it can shutdown.

Be prepared for thieves

If you travel with a laptop, be prepared to do so that it could be stolen. First of all, always protect your laptop. Then it is a very important document to encrypt place, so that in the event of an accident, God forbid, someone else could take his hand. Login password is an important thing. Always keep the Windows password, so are protected from unnecessary aggravation. It would certainly be interesting to you, there are so many laptops in the world every 53 seconds a laptop is stolen.


Always back up your data on the laptop had to be made. Most people do not care about that, but it is a very important thing. Today, external drives have become very affordable. But now boasts a large storage USB flash drives are available bargains. Take a USB backup your important data on it must continue to do.