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Why Idle Process System Uses 99% of CPU?


My computer is very slow. When I look at processes in the Task Manager process Idol System (System Idle Process) process of using the CPU is 99 per cent. It is a virus which is my computer slow?


System Idle Process because many people are worried. Usually this process from Task Manager, usually 80 to 99 per cent using the CPU is visible. But the reality is the opposite. Multi taskng all currently available operating system (multi-tasking) do. Nyagr Dos operating system you never know what you will of course it can be only one job at a time. But after the operating system was introduced in the multi taskng multiple programs can be. As a multi-process multi-threading is also taskng. This is a process in which a process or separate parts of the program are working all the time, but contact between them remains. For example, a multi-thread program takes input from a user is offline, the post-processing of the input process, while the third thread Input Output shows. Multi-threading programs run better.

Microsoft Windows System Idel Process threads that Colonel (Kernel Threads) which are currently being carried out when no other process or thread is available to run on the CPU. If the System Idle Process Task Manager shows 90 per cent of the 90 per cent means that the CPU power is not being used yet. As soon as you run the program, use the Windows System Idle Process thread colonel s space program, you will start to run. The user programs run on the System Idle Process is given priority. So the question of whether this process was slow because your system is not the answer. This virus is not a problem. If your computer is running slow hundreds of reasons why this may be so. You should make your computer a good anti-virus and anti-root kit (Rookkit) from the scan. Such problems are common because the virus or root kit. The virus is easy to find but very difficult to find the root kit. For this route you should use the kit to find the virus.