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Do Not Charge The Laptop is Plugged Right By Saftain Azmat

For laptop users, the problem is most troubling. Despite charging when plugged in my laptop that gets "Plugged in not charging". In this case repeatedly tried to plug the well is vain. We know that the power supply is OK, the hardware is working fine and in good condition, but laptop battery is unable to charge it. To resolve this issue, follow these steps: * Turn the Windows shutdown. * AC Adapter Turn off the computer. * Remove the battery from the laptop and put it aside. * Apply the AC adapter from the laptop. * Turn laptop. * After the Windows Device Manager, go online and batteries contained below, the CPI-compliant Microsoft (Microsoft ACPI Compliant) '' and Microsoft AC Adapter driver uninstall.

* Now shut down your computer and remove the AC adapter.
* Check the battery and AC adapter to the laptop in place.
* Turn on Windows, the battery driver will be installed automatically.
* Using the laptop battery completely discharged at least four times up. Use the battery so that the charging is finished the Windows shutdown. Instead of turning the laptop battery let cool. Laptop for a few hours for this place.

Follow these instructions to begin charging the battery will be fine.

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