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A Few Small But Important Tools By Saftain Azmat

Some small tools for the name of the bundle in which there is a small eight highly productive tools have been collected.

1: TempCleaner

It was a small portable tool that deletes temporary files from the system. Various programs are working to make the system temporary files. Each should clean these files later. You can use this for Tempo cleaner. Running this system gives only tmep delete files.

2: Research Explorer

In many cases, the system needs to start recycling. For example, Windows updates or install any software, it is necessary to make them useful to start the System Reset. In these cases the system can be bothered to re-start small but refuses to delete the files when I start to recharge the system enough to cause jhnjt. In this scenario, Windows Explorer may start recycling service is enough. This tool can be used to redirect the Explorer. This small portable tool re-went Start Windows Explorer does.

3 Fix prints

The printer prints to stop sending a series of prints is common. Prntrspulr going to try to delete the prints stopped and the matter is more complicated. To resolve this issue amicably, fix prints' run. This tool prints out all the stops to clean the printer spooler service running again is usable.

4 redirect the blood's cache

Windows Explorer programs sometimes come to the show starts. To correct this problem, run ReIconCache.exe.

5 Copy IP

Mqsu know if the system's IP in this bundle, copy 'IP' is present. It runs the same IP address is copied to the clipboard.

6 Update Time

Install the software or operating system to correct time and date is very important. Both UpdateTime.exe run for it will be promptly corrected.

7 shutdown

If ever you come to associate Windows and you will be shutdown if the shutdown button will continue to do that are hard to find. In such a situation exists in this bundle shutdown.exe run, prompting the shutdown menu in front of you will be.

8 Reducememory

Fast processor to provide data on the hard disk to RAM to temporarily store data to and coping with the programs and processes running fast. But much RAM is used by the system hang. To use less RAM is available in this bundle Reducememory.exe tool.

Full bundle size: 2.3MB

A Few Small But Important Tools By Saftain Azmat