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How Can Jonit Venture Between Dailymtion And PTCL

French video sharing site DailyMotion and Pakistan's largest internet services provider, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is an agreement between. Under the agreement PTCL users watch videos on Dailymotion would get better odds.
Daily Motion is a popular video sharing website and web sites around the world visited and is ranked 31 in number. Every day, more than six million videos are watched.
PTCL in Pakistan for potentially Daily Motion 'CD NC - Content Delivery Network' which will create in Pakistan Pakistan Dailymotion videos in the audience will be presented to servers. PTCL such users will have the fastest video streaming and Internet bandwidth by PTCL also be tremendous savings. Remember that a big part of the worldwide Internet bandwidth is only on video streaming.
Due to this agreement, Dailymotion any objectionable content will be prevented from Pakistan show. Dailymotion soon with a video contest for youth to start is announced.