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Fast Shutdown & Restart Your Computer in Urdu Tutorial

Shutdown (computing)

To enable or disable a computer is to eliminate the power of the main components of a computer in a controlled manner. After you turn off the computer, and key components such as the processor, RAM and hard drive are outside, despite the fact that some of the internal components, such as the internal clock, and can retain power. Memory


In Microsoft Windows, the computer or server fails to select the Turn the Start menu on the desktop option. Include shutting down the system and turn off automatically restart after closure options, or place an order in the standby mode. There also is a screensaver that can be run in the context of shell commands. Shutdown.exe close the command tool that can convert a user's computer or another computer on the network line user application.
Like other operating systems, Windows has the option to prevent selected users to turn off the computer. In home computers, and each user can have the option, but the computers networks (such as Active Directory), the administrator can cancel the specified user access to stop Windows PC rights. Today, there are many programs that are important to stop Windows PC can be automated, allowing automatic control of the computer. Site of many Windows programs lists the shutdown utility to automate the tasks of closure.
In Windows, the program can shut down the system by calling ExitWindowsEx function or NtShutdownSystem. [1]

Fast Shutdown & Restart Your Computer in Urdu TutorialFast Shutdown & Restart Your Computer in Urdu Tutorial