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Why Your Blog is not Making Good Money?
Most Internet bloggers blog to earn money and support their families. I read in various forums people asking for help on how to increase profit and why your blog is not money. So I thought to give some advice to my fellow bloggers. And I will discuss in detail why the blog is not to win and what resources need to be taken to increase profits.
8 reasons why you should consider when blog is not a lot of money must. You can write these reasons 8 to Notepad file or somewhere in a laptop computer, etc. Remember that work on these issues in the future to increase your profits with your blog. A number of reasons that can be taken as follows:

# 1. No need to make more of the movement:

It is defined as visitors blog traffic blog reception. So the first thing you may miss is that your have a lot of visitors blog and this is why it is not money.so, if your blog is our little traffic. This is the first reason not to make your blog.

# 2. Low CTR

If you use Adsense or other ads that certainly knows that CTR stands for clicks that is, the percentage of the rate of people clicking on the ad network. Thus, the second reason blog gains can not be low CTR (little or no clicks on the ads). You can win more when you have a good ad for CTR.Learn: How to Increase Adsense CPC / CTR

# 3. Low cost per click

If traffic to your blog is good and this is to be a good appearance, and which are still scratching our heads why not make money. So I think your blog has a very low cost per click. This is what earns very low per ad click.

# 4. How to increase revenues Blog

We discussed the possible reasons why the blog does not make money. But it would not be right if we were to stop here. Because we found only problems without the solution will not succeed. I even now I'll give you some tips on how you can earn more money blog.

# 5. Use small ads

Many of the new arrivals are curious to win quickly and that once you get the approval quickly put AdSense ads all over the place, and they think they will win over do it.
But no! CPCs depend on the number of ads that appear on the blog. If you put two ads on the home page you'll see a different CPC compared with five or six ads on the home page. Ads that appear above the fold has a higher CPC. So many did not put ads on your blog because it will affect their profits.

# 6. under trailer

Placements are positions / places that you put your ads. It also affects your income. Always use lead to results that eye-catching site visitors. And whenever possible, place text ads next to their content and ads head and side.

# 7. Use the keywords that pay more

If you use Google Adwords keyword tool. Are you sure you noticed that when the floor is a small CPC.The average CPC means the maximum amount of money declared column is willing to pay for the word being searched. Using keywords that are more search volume, low competition and high cpc.You might want to read: better tools Research words

# 8. blog your niche?

Also, specialized blog also affect profits. Usually blog Entertainment have low capability of revenue for the insurance, blogging, make money blogging. So always create a blog in a niche that pay higher.Also reads as follows: Top 5 outlets for Adsense
Friends, this is my first post on my blog career.I customers have tried my best to make things very clear. I hope you appreciate my efforts. I am grateful for the blog owner Wali Khan for giving me the honor of writing the same blog.
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