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Top 30 Free SEO Tools for Getting Ideas & Find Errors
SEO can be a difficult task to do for the owner of a website, or perhaps one of the easiest jobs for a webmaster to do. However, the task is difficult because you have to manage many things at one time and work around your web site. But when the work easier and implementation of the right things when doing SEO for your decisions site / blog known. I've been publishing articles on this blog SEO and went to guide you on the different points of view of SEO, but in today's article I will give something really worth reading for you. This is a list of the 30 best free tools that you can use to get new ideas, make mistakes in their sites (sites or customers) to obtain the functions of popular words and locations of these tools so much more to say. So what we were expecting, just go down and check all the tools below.

Best SEO tools to see what is happening around
The list of tools all the tools that are related to search engine optimization of goods, these tools have a separate item in each SEO tool. So you can know all I want you to know, whether on your web site or your client. Now let's take a look at all the tools below.
Note: Each tool can be accessed immediately by clicking on the link contained in the name of the tool.

# 1 SeoQuake (Category sites)

SeoQuake is one of the most popular used tools to determine the order of a website / blog is Google Page Rank, Alexa, pages indexed in Google and Bing both and more, you must install this tool to your browser and then you'll see a toolbar next to each site you visit .

# 2 SEMrush (for sites ranking)

This is only a tool, but a set of tools, including high-end tools, but the site contains a lot of things about SEO and be a tool to verify the order of the sites. Each and everything can check a website, page rank, background, and the position of the keys and more words.

# 3. References Site (SEO for errors sites)

Although all the sites contain errors, no one can say that your website is free of errors, so that this tool errors report in your site such as broken links, and meta tags are missing, headers, missing and more , so that you can improve the site SEO later.

# 4. OpenSiteExplorer (see links + analyzed)

This tool is used to determine the background and place of entry, and free tool to use and easy to handle.

5. Connect toxins (for the detection of bad links)

This tool is really something worth trying, it reveals a bad inbound links to your web site so you can know who and how they are linking to you, using this tool, you can find the "bad" or links "spam" to your site from other sources , and then you can easily remove these links using Webmaster Tools Google's denial.

6. Connect the definition (links and ratings)

This tool is used to verify the order of a website, as well as a number of background has a site. So you should give it a try it for free.

7. CopyScape (to verify the copied) content

Duplicate content is one of the worst enemies of your blog, and if you need to find imitators re-publish your content or not, this tool is the best option for you. Just use the search of his work recorded by someone else on the Internet.

8. SEO Spider (to check for duplication)

A great tool to check for duplicate of your / blog site content, this tool allows you the ability to detect if the contents copied by others in the Internet.

9. Google Adwords Keyword Tool (to find the best keywords)

This is one of the great Google tools, and a tool that offers the possibility to find the most search keywords in the world, is the most accurate tool to find the best keywords for your job titles or URL. This tool is completely free, and used almost every person.

10. Google Trends (to find a public place)

Google Trends is a tool used to find your target audience, for example, you may choose the subject of your / site, blog so that you can see in any country or region to deliver the requested maximum this tool gives you an idea to improve your site for a specific country or region. It is free to use and easy to handle.

11. Samurai market (to search for threads profitable, low competition niches)

What a tool! This gives you a set of ideas to choose lucrative / niche theme and shows competing for this niche also. You can see even more potential in the subject.

SimilarSites 12. (To search for keywords and classification of similar sites)

Find similar sites in your niche, this tool is an excellent tool to learn from your competitors. The media, showing similar sites that are related to your site, so you can get to know the sites in order of keywords and their competitors.

13. Xenu Link Sleuth (to find broken links and other errors)

Excellent tool for this, can help you find errors in your site and broken links that can then repair or remove any.

14. Google Webmaster Tools (for everything and everything in one location)

Google Webmaster Tools is one of the tools that it needs all the website of the official use, this tool displays everything about your site traffic, lyrics, location maps and more. What you need to use this tool. Simply log in with Google Webmaster Tools account and add your site and check your web site, and this is done, you can see all the information on your web site.

15. Google Analytics program (for traffic on the network)

A great tool for Google, and uses this tool actually get statistical information of traffic to your web site, you can find out the geographical location of your website, and spend time on your web site, and a number of views per visit, operating systems use pages and more. You must use if you want to maintain control over the traffic.

16. PageSpeed ​​tool Google (time or speed page load)

A wonderful tool of Google, this tool scans the shipping time or the speed of the site you can learn how to load your site in browsers, this tool allows you to Digital points out of 100 for each site, so if you are more than 90 points 100, then it is super good, but less than 90 means that you have to avoid reducing the loading time.

17. SEOmoz (for each and everything about SEO) is the most popular site to learn SEO by reading articles and watching video tutorials. This site also provides a number of free SEO tools.
18. SproutSocial (promotion and social media)
This is a social networking tool that checks your activity on social media and clarity of vision. So you can views of campaigns, signals and social media.

19. Raven tools (to manage SEO tasks, duties and social media and marketing)

All the Task Manager can use this unique tool, which include SEO tasks, social media and marketing tasks functions, including on the Internet, this tool has a copy of the payment as well.

20. SEO by Yoast (SEO plugin for WordPress, SEO does all the tasks)

SEO by Yoast plugin is popular word that is used by almost all users WP these days, so if you have a blog hosted on the Word, then you must install and configure it for all in a SEO WP must.

21. All in one package SEO (SEO Plugin for WordPress, SEO makes all tasks)

This is another great SEO plugin for WordPress blog, and is updated this newly plugin and improved, so it can be compared with the company's senior SEO by Yoast. Prior to that it was very simple, but it now has all the features that other additions do not have, I think. Must be used in Word, in my opinion, it is by far the best Yoast plugin.

22. Bing Webmaster Tools (all the data on your web site in the search engine Bing)

It's all about your web site management, you can know the arrangement and positions of keywords in Bing and Yahoo. The companies joined Yahoo and Bing now. You can simply use Bing to submit your site to Bing Bing and Yahoo servers continue to crawl and index your site.

23. Page Rank Checker (to check the page rank of the website)

It is a tool commonly used to control Google pagerank site on the internet, and easy-to-use tools and without error page refers to the exact extent of all sites.

24. Alexa (to check for traffic rank of site) is a popular site in the world to determine the order of traffic everywhere. Alexa gives a numerical range for each site on the Internet, you can find out the global and regional ranking of your site on Alexa, you can also know the number of the background of your site has.

25. connect fame tool (to check link popularity)

This tool gives an idea of ​​how your prayers are very popular on the Internet, and that means if you have hundreds of background to the main page of your web site or a particular page, it may be that the page very popular links are, which can be found on the air Through this tool.

Moonsy 26. Tool (all-in-one, the power field, Page Authority, and link authority, More)

I love this tool, and not just a tool, but the entire site. This place really gives you a lot of free tools, you can check your page rank, your background, the reference area, Page Authority, the link authority and more on your website / blog site.

27. IBP SEO tool (SEO to get all statistical reports)

This is a great great SEO software or using statistical reports something, this tool is not free, but with that you can get a trial for a few days, but if you search the Internet, then you can find the full version for free as well. However, this tool is worth buying because it has everything in one place for SEO.

28. iWebTool (to check the background of the site)

This tool can be used to verify the background of the site, the site also offers other SEO tools that can be used free of charge.

29. density analyst word (to verify the extent of the keywords in the article)

This is one of the most important tools that should be used to know very well is the use of keywords in balance or do keyword stuffing, so you should use to check and balance between the keywords in an article in the series.

30. Web page (to control the time of page load speed or on the Internet)

This is the tool used to check the shipping time or the speed of a website / blog, it is recommended this tool by Google itself. This should give you the opportunity to know the speed of your site.
This is not a list you just read and go, and this is the list that you should keep reminding and use many of these tools depending on your project, so that gives you all the information about the work you have done or will do. What you want here? And how he was here? Also tell us a list of SEO tools. And take good care of yourself and your family. Good SEO