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How to increase Adsense CTR and CPC to earn more money?
Recently in this blog, I talked Adsense CTR and CPC in the details, and I promised that I will write another article on how to increase CTR and CPC to make more money with GA. So in this article, and it will lead to a significant improvement in earnings with Adsense by making some changes to your ads. However, they will also discuss the Communist Party of China (CPC), because you have all of the CTR and CPC be a good way to make the best possible start. What we need to do really is. To change our ads sites to get good appearance and the Communist Party of China, we have good content and high paying blog topic, and we will discuss these factors in this article. I hope to get some information on this item and the exchange of ideas in the below message for comment.

How to increase Adsense CTR?

It means CTR (click through rate), means that someone clicks on your ads by visitors, so it is calculated clicks as a percentage of the total number of pages that you receive. For example; if 100 people visited your site, see pages 200 and 20 of them have clicked on the ads on your web site, it means that you have a CTR of 10% which is very good. But in general, each publisher receives about 3% to 5% CTR.
Some changes were made in the types and locations of the ads from their ads can increase CTR. First, make sure you've entered one of the ads (perhaps 468 * 60 in volume) in the upper body the head of a blog / site, because first the attention of visitors is still leading, so it should be a statement there.
Second, insert always ad unit (usually 300 * 250 and should be) under the title of each function in the case of the head of the Declaration loss by visitors, he / she can convince other mass advertising, according to the statement made by Google 300 * 250 block advertising Adsense itself is the top-paid ads, and more clicking as well.
Tip 3, the third unit of the Declaration can be added to your blog / site sidebar and new properties must be large blocks of size 600 * 300, which is clicked by visitors. However, if you do not have space for this ad unit, then just insert unit 160 * 600 declaration also gets the highest paying ads from advertisers.
Tip 4, the important thing now is to use AdSense units linked but are also very good in the results if used wisely, and if there is not another declaration the bottom of each post and in addition to the presence of a link 15 or 728 * 468 * 15 depending on the width available. You can insert a link if you find an empty seat somewhere in your blog / site.

Some other tips to increase CTR

The above tips were about to place ads in the right places to increase CTR, however, you can also increase the CTR change the types of ads, for example, if you have one of the ads, it is nice just to show display ads can then be in an attempt to change the unit of each of the images and text ads, so you can change dramatically CTR. Also, if you change the unit of 250 * 250 * 300 250 ad, and I could see a rapid growth in the emerging. So they have these things in mind.

How to Increase Adsense CPC?

Dear brothers, I use Adsense past 3 years and implemented new tips and suggestions provided by Google itself. But in my experience, and calls for the CCP, especially in the geographical areas for visitors and the subject that you have to your blog. As long as your articles are the most relevant ads by Google. So make sure you have the stature to push the material well-organized well behaved, and written for your website. Will issues such as wallpaper, hair, SMS and new does not make money with Adsense.
Adsense works well on subjects that are worth reading and get organic traffic from search engines. Please be sure to choose the best theme and write useful and long articles on the subject. Thus, you can easily increase your CPC also. Also keep in mind about the geographical location of visitors. Depending on the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Russia and the CPC is the highest rating of Asians and Africans.
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Are you satisfied or not Adsense income? And how to find this article? I know that if there is something missing, the Office does not comment below if you have questions. Revenues happy with Adsense!