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5 Beautiful Free Blogger Templates For Blogspot

When you create a blog with blogger.com then it becomes a headache to find a beautiful and flexible template for your blog. You search on Google for free blogger templates or best blogger templates or something similar to it, but whenever you find a template so you instantly install that on blogger and when you view your blog, you get sad; because the template is not according to your needs. I myself have been facing issues for finding a free template but well-codded and beautiful too. However, I mostly like simple templates. Now I'll be serving you with the best templates of blogger. My today's list of blogger templates consists 5 the most beautiful and flexible templates which you can easily customize. Below is the list of templates with downloading links and previews.

#1. Devil's Workshop Blogger Template

This is one of my favorite template and I'm using it on my other blog onlineustaad.com. This template has many useful features and potential. Following are some best features of this template:
  • Has very user friendly design
  • SEO friendly
  • Top Navagation Bar
  • Ad Space in the header
  • Single Left Sidebar
  • Stay Connected Widget
However, the black border which is showing in below picture is not added to the coding, so if want to add this cool border then after installing this template go toTemplate >> HTML >> Proceed and find this code #wrap and just after the: background: #Ffffff; paste below code:
border-right: 15px solid #333;
border-left: 15px solid #333;
border-top: 15px solid #333;
border-bottom: 15px solid #333;
box-shadow: #333 0px 1px 3px;
Save the template and you'll see a beautiful border around the template. Also for including a beautiful menu below the header you can visit my CSS Drop Down Menu Tutorial.

#2. MONOP Blogger Free Template

This beautiful template is created by Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai of Mybloggertricks.com and this template is very awesome in design as well as SEO friendly. Just below the image you can see the downloading link and DEMO link.

#3. Mash 2 Blogger Template

This template is created by Mashble.com and it has also some very cool features, so don't miss it and grab it from the link below the picture.

#4. Flixable Blogger Template

This is another cool blogger template which was originally created by Fransisco and later on it was modified by Faizan Ali. This template is very awesome for personal blogs and silent blogs. Just download it from a given link below the picture, also you can have a look at its DEMO.

#5. Stylevantage Green Blogger Template

This template is very cool if you've a page about poetry or SMS and jokes etc. This is very simple template and has a beautiful green color. Don't miss it and have it from a given link below the picture.

How to Install a Blogger Template?

In order to install any template on blogger follow below steps:
  1. First download the template
  2. Extract the zip file of the template
  3. Now go to Blogger >> Template >> And find Backup/Restore button at top left
  4. Upload the template from your computer and hit the upload button
  5. That's all.
I tried my best to share some cool blogger templates with you, I have also some free premium blogger templates which I'll be sharing few days later on this blog. So stay connected with and Peace out.