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why moz canceled pa and da updates
As per sources this is appears in news that MOZ has cancel its Page Authority(PA) and Domain Authority(DA) updates. This question is frequently revolving around the SEO Blogger's mind .

This thing cause a lot of disturbance for the SEO Analyst as in the present situation DA and PA is the major fundamentals of any Website Value.As we are all know That The DA and PA of a Website is Considered as the Website current position in the search engines.

As MOZ is not Updating DA and PA updates so its becomes very panic for the SEO Analysts who are  Making High Quality Backlinks but without the concept of their DA and PA measurement in the Search Engine Optimization Field it make very trouble for SEO persons.

The reason Behind the Canceling of PA and DA updates by MOZ is as follows;

Moz will recently take immediate notice in their websites about this Cancellation Updates of the PA and DA index in their Database.MOZ have cancel their updates because of they are getting some errors while they are trying to updating index Database.
However for Further assistance MOZ will Provide a explanation of these Errors on their Official blog soon.
It is better That the MOZ can Fix this issue as soon as possible , or on the other hand this factor may cause turmoil in all the SEO field.