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On Your Choice Reflects Your Personality By Saftain Azmat

Cambridge University and Stanford University researchers found after several years of research found that Facebook users, this type of content on social media platforms like (Like), it's his personality Their closest living better than evident.

Researchers from 2007 through 2011, more than 86 thousand Americans receive some answers. Online asked questions and their answers were based on the assessment of the personality of the person who answers the five different categories openness, neuroticism, extraversio, agreeableness and conscientiousness were in. These categories are the types of personalities. Respondents with their Facebook account received limited information. I accepted this limited information pages, films, articles, and video artist included.

For example, if a person likes the movie Pulp Fiction it may be in the category of personality openness. TV shows like The Apprentice conscientiousness individuals usually fall into the category.

Researchers surveyed part of the family and friends of the victims also included some questions in the survey to determine the individual's personality. Then the algorithm the researchers answer questions for the person who likes the Facebook analysis was carried out on ten, resulting in that person's family and friends about her personality was derived by combining the result. Found that computer estimates, is more accurate than estimates of family and friends. Researchers say that proves that machine is now hmynphly know better than to cheat him as possible. This type of algorithm spoken about a person's personality is caught lying.