How to Insert Read More Link Inside Blogger Posts? Computer IT Help 86 | Best Urdu & Hindi Tutorials



In blogger we've given dozens of tools by Blogger itself, to design each part of our blog. We just need to discover them. The blogger custom designer is a great tool which can do anything for you in designing your blog easily. However, today we'll talk about how to add a read more link or button in every post in blogger. But this practice is only used for home page of the blog, single posts don't have this link. When visitors visit your home page, so you can show them many posts with Read Morelink or button, so they'll decide whether to read the post or not. Here is an example image of this.
You can see the home page of this blog, where each post has a read more link. This link can easily be added to your blog posts. And you can latter on customize it.

How to Add Read More Link in Posts?

Now let's start the tutorial about adding Read More link inside each of your blog's posts. There are many custom templates in which Read More link is already added to the posts and also designed with CSS. But if you're using a simpler blogger default template then you can add this link to every post.
  • When you're writing the post for your blog in the post editor you'll find an option called Jump Break
  • Just find that and keep the mouse courser on the place where you want to break the page and insert Read More link. For clear understanding just see the screen shot below:
In above image you can see the option Jump Break which has been mentioned with red color. So that is the option you can use to break the page and insert jump break on home page. I've inserted the jump break after the first paragraph.
Remember: whenever you write a new post for your blog, just insert that jump break where you want to break the page and insert Read More Link. Also you can change the Read More text to your own text by going to Blogger >> Layout >> Blog Posts >> Editand on the top you'll find a text saying Read More, just change that to any text you like and save the setting.
Now it was the basic method to include just read more link inside your blog posts for home page. I'll come up with another tutorial in which we'll create our own Read More stylized buttons and links. Till that enjoy your life and stay peaceful everywhere :)