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Create Your Own Personal Cloud Server On the PC

Urdu Tutorial Part 1

USB flash drive files, we are always together, or upload them to your cloud storage so that they are no longer needed can be downloaded. To download these files can also be read directly on cloud server or stream media files can be. But these things are really unmatched in cloud services are two errors, one of them a security risk and limited space. Ie, they have a limit to upload files. It is not that I want you to upload data to them. Second, security risk, the sensitive files are afraid that we keep on cloud servers or server being hacked account being hacked, our data could fall into the hands of another. These problems made it the cloud server on your computer.

Cloud Server to any computer for a change in the program 'tunydu' '(Tonido) said. Before this program was available for one year in exchange for $ 29 but now it has been provided. If this is not the best program available free to experience it?
The program has several features hynmsla The simple installation makes cloud server on your computer, if you like, add it to your computer and can be completed if the specified folder or folders.
Tunydu iPhone and ayndruyyd application is also available, as well as the cloud server to your web browser can be accessed through the application and its performance is better.
Tunydu Portable program still exists, so it where you want to put the US in the flash drive to a computer server in the cloud can change quickly.
Quick access to the files in the computer is the best way to tunydu. Suppose a file in your computer, mobile phone should prompt you immediately file made by tunydu can see through cloud server.
Phone in computer data backup is extremely easy to do. Wherever you are, if your computer has become a cloud server so you can open it via web browser or iPhone application can load it up and if your data downloaded.
A central server computer to other computers by making client data stored in a shared folder can be placed, but rather a shared folder that can be used to sync every time that remains. Every change that is visible to all users.

Urdu Tutorial Part 2


Tunyduunduz, Linux, Mac, juice berry pie, iPhone, iPad, ayndruyyd, Windows Phone and BlackBerry that is available for all major platforms.
The need to download it on the following link

Urdu Tutorial Part 3


Tunydu Run the installer to download. It should be allowed in firewall is working, it takes tunydu itself to alert you just have to click on the Allow button.

 firewall-allow-access copy

Urdu Tutorial Part 4

After the installation of the configuration that are in your default browser language gy.phly page, username, password and e-mail address will be required. After filling in all the details of the terms, click on the Create button.


Urdu Tutorial Part 5

On the next page the address of your computer, there will be a cloud server. After the username of your web site to remember your web address does not difficult. This address is found as we


Urdu Tutorial Part 6

The next step is critical. Here you will be asked to use your entire computer to the cloud server or specific folders. Initially select a folder. No problem, because it can be changed at any time later. It also can be added and deleted folders too.


Urdu Tutorial Part 7

Indexing on the next page will be inquired about. If tunydu list of all files that make up the index, then you'll find a file or folder before you open it up you will need to submit the data. If you are using an older computer Indexing must be enabled.


Urdu Tutorial Part 8

The next stage will tell you how your smart phone application server can reach through the cloud. As we mentioned earlier tunydu iOS, ayndruyyd, is also available for Windows Phone and Blackberry. You may need to install the application. 


Urdu Tutorial Part 9

On the next page of your cloud server that you have made on your computer will be in front of you. Your URL on this page you can see above.


Urdu Tutorial Part 10

Now where do you want to support this URL via the Internet can access your cloud server. Surely it is worth mentioning that it must be not only for your computer, as well as tunydu also be running Internet is necessary. Obviously these things without a cloud server to work well, how is that possible?
Need wherever your cloud server, web browser, type in the address of your server or use the smartphone application, the login page will be in front of you. Through the correct password. You may login you go tell that to the installation of the application on the smartphone, the phone can also be used in a web browser.


Urdu Tutorial Part 11

Tunydu through your cloud server will act in the same way you would run it. To run it, double-click on the icon which will make it work. It came in the taskbar will begin. Right-clicking on it so you can shutdown.


Urdu Tutorial Part 12

Moreover, any such change in configuration can be. Login to your server for this to go to the Settings menu. In the settings you can add more folders in the server, the password can be changed, to improve server security etc. can also include a secret question.