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Change Your Facebook Profile In Page By Saftain Azmat

The increasing number of friends on Facebook that I think we'll make your page profile instead of liked it so everybody can easily stay updated. Most of the early days of Facebook profiles Create a page that should have been and still are such profiles. Although not difficult to create a new page but the friends or followers who would like the page to be liked again. Delicious Facebook profile, the tool will move from the page. Friends and followers, which makes disposal without profile page. There are several advantages compared to the profile page. One is that they have liked your page can get. Also you can make other friends Page Admin page can be updated. The login password of your profiles do not need to give anyone. Let us show you step by step how a profile can be moved on the page. This method is very convenient and only a few minutes of your profile page, the data is transferred.

  • 1. Login to your Facebook account, you may want to change.
  • 2. First, go to your account settings backup of all data will be downloaded. It is only during this transition if you store some data may be lost when your redirect.
  • 3. Now is the time to move to the profile page. Once again, make sure that you are on the same profile is meant to make the change. Untie the Facebook link may Migration: Migration link

Change Your Facebook Profile In Page By Saftain Azmat

4. At this point follow the instructions to Facebook, your profile will be moved to the page. After this process is complete, the page of your profile and you will have a Facebook page will be able to use all its features.